Backpack Misting & Drinking Retrofit Kit (Installs In Any Hydration Pack)


The hot, dry days of summer shouldn’t put an end to your outdoor pursuits. Even when scorching temperatures threaten to keep you indoors, there’s an easy way to stay cool and hydrated while on the trail.

Install the Backpack Misting and Drinking Retrofit Kit into any hydration backpack to add the relief of a cooling, portable mist while drinking from the same system. By cooling the air around you as you hike, bike, or run, those hot summer days are nothing to worry about.

The new and improved Personal Cooling System (PCS) with higher PSI and a water-cooled pump comes with a rechargeable battery and an 8-speed wireless remote for adjusting misting settings.

The compact and lightweight PCS unit fits easily into your daypack and creates a continuous cloud of mist wherever you go. Installing the PCS unit in your hydration pack leaves your drinking hose intact for easy, hands-free hydration.



Portable Misting Features: 

 Use what you’ve already got – the Retrofit Kit is easily installed into any hydration pack.

Cool yourself down dramatically with added misting capabilities. The Personal Cooling System (PCS) allows you to cool the air around you by up to 30°F.

Keep control over your cooling system. With a wireless 8-speed remote control that attaches to the front of your pack, adjust your mist settings while on the go.

Don’t worry about replacing batteries – the PCS unit comes with a rechargeable battery pack that can last more than 12 hours between charges.

Rest assured that your gadgets won’t run out of juice. The PCS battery doubles as a power bank to charge up your phone in an emergency.

Personal Cooling Specs:

Weight: 16 oz

Measurements: 7.5” H x 3.5” W x 1.5’ D


    • ExtremeMist PCS unit (including a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack)
    • 2 hoses**
    • Quick-disconnect Y-connector
    • Plug for using without drink hose or PCS
    • .015 mm mist nozzle
    • .020mm mist nozzle for higher mist density
    • Omni-directional mist nozzle purge valve
    • Mist nozzle clip
    • Wireless 8-speed remote control
    • A/C fast charger and micro USB cable
    • Hose reducer for Y-connector
    • 2 barbed drink hose adapters
    • 2 barbed adapters for packs with larger diameter drink hoses
*Reservoir Not Included
**Color of hose may vary from photos
***Blue mist line expanders are no longer included