SBB-HDSI-Combo to attach Humminbird HDSI xDucer XHS 9 HDSI 180 T & Shield on a Transom


Spring Back Bracket and Transducer Shield  TM-HDsi combination for transom installation.  Ideal for boats with flat transoms or for boats without a jack plate.

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Item # SBB-HDSI-COMBO is a great solution for installing Humminbird® large Side Image Transducer XHS 9 HDSI 180 T on a transom.  This Combo combines our Stainless Steel Spring Back Bracket SBB-4 and black powder coated high quality aluminum alloy Transducer Shield TM-HDsi.   This is an ideal product for transoms without a jack plate.

We’ve modified our popular TM-HDsi Transducer Shield® and added a beefy anchor kit to make it work with our Spring Back™ Bracket.  The stainless steel double-torsion spring will return the transducer to its original position once force is released.  To ensure good water flow to the transducer, we’ve added a larger splash plate to the Spring Back Bracket®.  The Anchor Kit is preset for transom installation and has a 5º angle adjustment range if needed.  Simply attach the Humminbird® Side Image transducer # XHS 9 HDSI 180 T to the shield and install the assembly onto the transom.  Stainless steel hardware and Do-It Yourself instructions are included.

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